World Scout Jamboree Selection Weekend

This weekend will be 6-8 October 2017 at Caddihoe camp site near Exeter.

The camp is open to Devon,s Scouts and Explorers who are eligible to attend the next world Scout jamboree in North America.

The cost will be about £15 and young people have to apply individually to attend and undergo selection for the limited places Devon Scouts have been allocated.

http://2019wsj.org/  at present we are not sure on how many we will be allowed to send on this life changing event.

Run To The Fun 4

This week long event will be from 28 July to 4 August 2018 probably to be held at the Exeter Race Course at Holden Hill. The camp is open to any Scout or Explorer, we anticipate we will have a few international visitors again.

We are anticipating on holding the cost of £150 to attend this fantastic event for young people and £60 for adults.

We will be setting up a Beaver and Cub adventure day at the start of the event so that all youth members can be involved in the event.